If you can get a Pinterest board going with all of the things you like the look of and add me to your board that will be really handy so that I can see what you're aiming for.  You can find a link to my Pinterest at the top of this page. 


If you're having them, then where possible ensure you have your veil, tiara, flowers or any hair pieces you would like in your hair, available for the trial so that you can get a real feel for your hair on the day. 


Send me an image of your dress and the bridesmaids, if you have them. 





I shall arrive fully equipped with all my tools ready to play around with your hair. We shall sit down first have a chat, go through some of the images you've saved and discuss which ones you would like to try out. I like to see a selection of images and then work out what it is you like from each, then create you something special that suits your features, dress and theme. 


Trials usually take around 2 - 3 hours. There is no set amount of time.


Once we have settled on your style and you're happy I like to have half an hour at the end to discuss the finer details, such as timings. 



If you're having your colour done with me (only Tonbridge & Tunbridge Wells ladies) then we can also set up a plan to ensure your colour and health of your hair is perfect for on the day.


If you're not having a colour with me, I can still advise you on what best to ask your stylist for so that we can all work together to get the best colour placement for your chosen style. It's more important than you may think.


I have noticed a pattern over the years that most brides like to have their trial done on their own, so I do welcome that. 


If your bridesmaids want a trial too you can book them in, but it's not always necessary. If you have a fussy one, then have her trialled for everyone's sake :)  Otherwise, a rough idea on style and images of the girl's hair is more than enough for me to work with.  Same goes for Mum's too.






If you need me for any reason, just give me shout and I will always reply as soon as I can. 


Product recommendations, styles, how to get it in great shape, colour ideas etc. 


I'll send you a text a couple of weeks before the wedding just to check in with you, in case you need anything. 


Relax.. we will have covered everything at your trial, so there is no need to panic. Just focus on all the other things you need to do. 


Reminder to everyone who is having their hair done, that it needs to be washed the night before. So it's clean and dry ready for me to work with on the morning of the wedding. Unless otherwise discussed. 






Oooh yes, this is the best bit. All your months of hard work and planning are here and it's going to be a lot of fun! 


I shall arrive at our set time ready to unpack and get cracking! We will know what we are doing so it is just a case of sitting back, being pampered and enjoying it. 


I love the buzz of a wedding so I'll be ready to keep everyone calm and organised. 


I'm not that fussy as to who goes when, but I do request that the bride is not first or last, so you list lovers, go wild.


There is a bit more to discuss for on the day but we can discuss that further at your trial. 




I hope this all makes sense to you, and you know where I am if you would like to chat more. 


Stephanie x