There's no end to my talent.. ha!

October 17, 2017

And by that I mean because now I'm going to be blogging like one of those weirdos that never leaves the house unless she's off to the coffee shop to steal their WiFi! Anyway, enough about them, more about me! I've been on a couple of (completely unrelated to hairdressing) courses and had a bloody whale of a time! Met some amazing new people and learnt a tonne of new things. One of them being about blogging. Apparently, it's a thing, and apparently I should give it a go. So in an effort to try anything once, here you have it, my first one. How exciting! 


There is no real plan as it stands but I will try and do it weekly, maybe more. Cos you know.. I do have other stuff to do, not just write stories and take the piss out of people online. Before I go,  if you don't like swearing and sarcasm, then this probably isn't for you. :) 



Day 1..


Tuesday's are usually fully booked for me, however, today was DEAD! I was supposed to be working but seeing as I had no one booked in until 6pm I chose to swan about. The joys of being self employed. 


I had a consultation at 10 am to and see a lovely lady called Glynis in T.W about having my barely there tash dealt with.

What was meant to be just a consultation to find out how it all worked and how long it takes etc ended up me breathing VERY deeply in between saying "oh my god" - as in OH MY GOD, THAT FUCKING HURTS GET OFF MY FACE! You know the ones! 


Anyway, I safely made it through the most horrendous 10 minutes to date. And I'm going again in 2 weeks so I'll keep you posted.


My plans to swan about for the day were short lived as I had a hideous headache, probably all that stressing about being zapped with a laser, so ended up going home, reading then having a 3 hour nap before my lady came round. What better way to spend the day right?


Then I did some REAL WORK, which is obviously hairdressing. One of my favourite (yes I said it!) ladies came to me which is rare but I quite like the change sometimes, we had tea and cake and a good old chat. We just did a root touch up to hide the pesky greys, a trim and a super sleek blow dry. Finished with no other than my beloved wide plate GHD's, and it looked bloody lovely. I do love how shiny dark hair is when it's been freshly coloured and blow dried! She has such lovely hair so it's easy to work with. 


If you'd like to follow my work in images feel free to follow me on Facebook and sometimes Instagram.

(I don't know what I am doing technically wise just yet so I will copy and paste the links.)


Anyway, time is getting on and I really need to see the last episode of Liar, so I'll be off!


See you soon.


Stephanie xxx


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