Being pass-agg, strangled and telling lies.

October 28, 2017


I was supposed to do 2 of these this week but my parents came to visit last Sunday to Wednesday so half the week whizzed by and now it’s Saturday so.. Sorry about that. Already getting great reviews for this little page which is very kind of you! Thaaanks :) 


These little subjects all merge nicely together actually, which is handy cos I don’t have much time to write full blown essays and review them 8 times.




One thing that winds me up, is people talking shit. And I don’t mean those little white lies that just make your life easier. I mean the full blown bollocks that some people say to try and get what they want.


I'm soo honest, often too much so but I'd rather be this way inclined than no one ever believing anything you say because it's all a fantasy. 


I am the last person you should talk shit at, firstly I will know if you are lying and secondly if I think you are then I’ll switch off almost immediately so it’s a pointless task.


2 things that have annoyed me this week:


  1. A boy/man asking if I do men’s hair, no I replied, then comes, “do you do beauty?” Jesus Christ, if you saw my website like you just said then you would know full well I don’t do either of things because there is no mention of them. And then comes the “I have a learning disability”. And? Where are you going with this? It’s not the X- Factor love and you certainly will not get a sympathy vote from me! Plus you’ve just told me you’ve “JUST SEEN MY WEBSITE” then there really is no need for stupidity. End of.

Hee-hee, I would say it’s a surprise I get any new clients with that attitude but after almost 5 years of clients texting I know when someone is a time waster. And I do get new clients, quite often actually so ner!


    2. Some silly fat cow being petty and demanding. Firstly, don’t ever demand anything from me. Secondly don’t tell me pointless lies. As if a middle aged woman who spends too much money on everything and anything is actually only going to buy 1 family member a small gift for Christmas. Good luck with that seeing as there's about 8 others in the family. Erm you’re full of shit love and I ain’t buying it. That gets my back up immediately. So guess what, I’ll have my say and then I’ll block you. I can do petty too. Very well according to my ex! Haha. 


** LIFE HACK ** Take any (passive aggressive) comment as the root of an issue. No one makes a joke about something if it hasn't actually annoyed them, it wouldn't even enter their brain to say it. Just sayin'! 


Is it too big of an ask for people to be normal and not talk shit??


On a lighter note, when the parents came, we played Frustration, which bizarrely DOESN’T frustrate me. Weird right? 😊 We went out for dinner to The Peacock in Cranbrook, I think it’s technically there anyway and that was bloody lovely for a quiet Monday night if you’re interested.


So during a Frustration session, my mum told us about this time her brother thought she was cheating during Monopoly by stealing the money, which resulted in her being strangled by him in a fit of rage and their Dad racing in to prize him off. And looking back, that was probably fair on his part seeing as she said to me and my Dad at one point during the game, “you two should really pay attention because I’ve been cheating”. Gotta laugh! 


So let that be a lesson to you all, don’t be passive aggressive or petty to get what you want 'cos chances are it wont work. And don’t tell lies because you might just get strangled for your efforts and there may not be anyone around to rescue you. Play safe. 


Stephanie xxx


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