Mobile Hairstylists VS Salon Hairstylists – A few facts for you.

November 5, 2017

Err yeah I said it!  


I’ve had a lady message me this evening who works in a salon at the moment but is looking to switch to the mobile world. (I’ve started helping other mobile hairdressers build their businesses, if you’re interested.)


Her issue was with a client in the salon who said some shit about mobile hairdressers using cheap products and having to use her water and electricity and something boring about the mobile hairdresser in question being overpriced.


Ok Worzel Gummidge, let me clear a few things up for you..

  1. The hassle and effort that a mobile hairdresser coming to your home or hotel, removes from your life is priceless.

  2. Unless a mobile stylist is charging you the same as your mortgage she/he probably is not remotely overpriced. If anything we are way too cheap!

  3. If your biggest concern is a bit of water and electricity then you really are not our target market. End of.

  4. We use cheap products, haha do you honestly think that all salons have the best of the best products. Wake up love… they have much higher outgoings than we do so chances are they have the cheaper products. Certainly a shitty salon I worked in £2 a tube. What a joke! Mine cost me about £8 a pop. 

  5. Long gone are the days when it was your Aunt in the kitchen having a go because she spent 2 weeks of her summer holiday in a salon sweeping up and thought that was the same as 3 years training.


Let me make myself clear. I am NOT in any way, shape or form slating salons, their staff or what they do, I am merely making a stand for mobile hairdressers.


I am a fully qualified MOBILE hair stylist. I have worked in salons and I have done mobile so I can comment. I am now fully mobile and wouldn’t have it any other way.


My clients are stay at home mums, doctors, managers, lawyers, shop workers, kitchen assistants and entrepreneurs, home owners, tenants. Some have kids, some don't. Exactly the same type of people that go to salons. And guess what.. they all LOVE having their hair done at home. It is all about the convenience for them, there is nothing better than having someone come to their home and get the job done quickly so they can focus on really important areas of their lives.


Some of my clients will occasionally go to the salon for the odd blow dry as a treat or if I am unavailable and then they come straight back to me because I am of more value to them.


Going to a salon doesn’t mean you are getting a better service. It means you are getting the same service in a different way.

Also going to a salon doesn’t mean that the price tag actually warrants the service or the treatment you are given. 

It is really silly of anyone to think that a mobile or a salon stylist is any better than the other.


All mobile stylists should be qualified, you can ask to see their certificates if you want, the same goes for salons.

Some mobiles keep up to date with training and some don’t, the same with salons.

Some mobiles do use cheaper products and so do some salons.

Some mobiles are better at cutting or colouring than salon staff and vice versa.

Some mobile hairdressers are cheap and so are some salons

Some mobile hairdressers are expensive and so are some salons.

Are you getting this? We are all the same.


The benefits of having a mobile hairdresser are what I have been hearing from my clients over the past 5 years –


"I don’t have to drag the kids out for half a day."

" So glad I don’t have to look in the mirror."

"You don’t abandon me to keep answering the phone."

"No one is listening to our conversation."

"I can keep my slippers on."  

"You save me so much time and effort."

"I save money by having you because I don’t go in all the shops between the car park and the salon."

"I can have us all done in one place at one time."

"I don’t feel judged when you come round."

"I love the one on one service I get as there's nothing worse than waiting around for your stylist is doing another job while you know your colour should have come of 15 minutes ago!"


These are just a few of the plus points of being done at home. And if you’re still worried about less than £5 worth of electricity and water then please don’t let us stop you. We don’t need to beg anyone to agree with what we are doing as the people who do appreciate us and see the value we provide are our best clients and we go out of our way to provide for those people and those people alone. 


We may not have business rates to pay but we do have fuel costs, general wear and tear of the car, tyres, our time travelling to and from your home, the fact we can only do one client at a time, all of of our product costs, accountants etc.  And bear in mind most salons have a minimum of three stylists, so that is 3 lots of income that we don’t have.


Also may I add, assuming everyone else does too, but being a small business owner, I update my website, I keep my accounts up to date, I train regularly, I keep on top of my appointments, I speak to my clients regularly in between appointments, I ensure my stock is there when I need it, I make sure all clients have been replied to daily where possible, I have to do my own marketing, we clean our tools etc, check out new products at our own expense, we do research when a client wants something weird, again taking up our time. On top of that we do have our own lives to lead. I'm alright cos luckily I don't have any kids to deal with but many do, and many salon stylists turn up, do their 8 hours and toddle off home again. We don't get the luxury of paid holidays or sick pay. That is our choice and i'm certainly not moaning about it 'cos I LOVE it... However... 


Next time you assume a mobile hairdresser is, or should be (in your opinion) cheaper than a salon, please consider all the benefits we have to offer. Because I’m pretty confident that when the next recession hits and salons are closing down, you’ll be all over us! Just sayin!


I hope that helps anyone who is confused about the difference. 


Anyway, Blue Planet is on so I'm off to watch that. 




Stephanie x

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