Weird hair colour terms.

November 5, 2017



Hope you’re all well and really enjoying another night of various neighbours fireworks like I am… ?


Anyway I just wanted to educate you a bit on these odd words people keep throwing around all over the place.


Balayage (pronounced bal – ay – arge lol).


Despite people referring to balayage as a colour, it is actually a technique. A quick google search tells us, it’s a French word meaning to sweep. It’s a way of using the tint brush with the colour on it to sweep along the hair to give a blended multi dimensional look to the hair. If you want to see the real deal, find yourself a small child around 6 with long blonde hair, they all have it but it’s totally natural. It’s very low maintenance.


See more here at -




It’s quite simple really, blorange is just blonde and orange hair, ginger or copper if you’re fussy. It’s a mix between the two colours.

Thanks to Cosmopolitan magazine, you can see more here.




Bronde is brown and blonde. A lovely little mix of the two.  

Have a look through Glamour Magazines images and you’ll get the idea


I hope that has helped you all. If you have any more questions then you know where I am.


P.S - My tip for any client out there wanting something with an odd misunderstood word, is to be armed with a load of pictures with you to show your stylist. There’s nothing worse than spending 6 hours on someone’s hair for them to NOT once mention they actually meant something entirely different. Despite the lengthy consultation in the first place. Huff.


Much love. See you soon. Stephanie xxx

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