That time I shaved my hair off.

November 10, 2017

Some of you know and some have no idea, so I wanted to make a thing of it and show you all my lovely bald head! Haha. Also bear in mind I was much thinner then so it looked pretty good :) 


It’ll be 5 years in Jan since I shaved my hair off for charity. I did it because a lady came into the salon and she had cancer for the second time, so she was sure the chemo would make her hair fall out again, so we cut it as short as possible but still with a great style.


During the appointment she also told me that last time it happened she would be bald at home and if she went out she would put a wig on. What a bloody good idea, I said. Why aren’t we all doing it? Would certainly save an awful lot of time as women when we get ready.


Anyway after my lady had left, I told the girls in the salon I ‘might’ shave my hair off for charity. So what do they do? Tell every single person that walks in the salon for the rest of the day “Stephanie is going to shave her hair off for charity!”.. Well that was decided then wasn’t it?!


So I set about trying to find a charity, which is really hard actually as you don’t know, without research which are good ones and how much they really get etc. In the end I settled on the charity called Pilgrim Bandits which helps wounded soldiers.


Find more about them here -





So, thanks to my mate and Dad, between them they chopped my hair off, badly may I add, no offence Karen love, but you’ll never make it as a hairdresser! I think she thought she was hacking at some old weeds in the garden, kept pulling my hair and scraping the scissors through it. My dad was a tad more helpful, though I did get told off for repeating “oh my god” about 500 times. Was getting a bit stressed out by it all, seemed like a good idea ‘til I could  hear clippers buzzing in my ear ‘ole!








I never wanted to wander around with a bald head, so luckily I had already been wig shopping in a place which is no longer there, but a bloke and his wife had a big unit out in their garden which was full of boxes upon boxes of wigs and hairpieces. They supplied hair to celebs and other businesses who regularly used wigs for acting and various fancy dress do’s. Cant remember the blokes name but I turned up with a rough idea of what I wanted, short brown bob, exactly what I had naturally.


So I picked 2 and I mainly wore the brown one for work, still in the salon at the time and then the other one for nights out etc.




Sorry they aren't great pics, but iPhone cameras weren't as clear back then :) 



Luckily after about 5/6 months it was long enough for me to just have a cute little crop, which was a relief after the wigs as they actually got quite annoying and manky looking.


And then I went proper GINGE! Loved that hairstyle for about 3 months, who knew you had to have it cut every 10 minutes! Never again. Was fun while it lasted anyway.




So that’s that. I then went on to grow it, go brown, cut it off, go ginger again blah blah blah. 


I'll do another blog with some more wig pics. I cant get enough of em! 


Stephanie xxx

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