My little twist on CANCELLATIONS.

November 28, 2017



For the sake of my story, an employed person is someone who -

  1.  Has a regular job with regular income.

  2. Someone with a stream of income regardless of where it comes from, husband, wife, benefits, pension, savings etc etc. 


Also YOU, are the employed people and WE are the self employed people. Don’t worry I am well aware that self employed people can cancel too, but that's not the point of the story.


Let’s pretend you (employed person) have 2 jobs and 2 different bosses. Boss 1 & Boss 2. 


Boss 1 calls you and says ‘come to work on Tuesday for a few hours’. You think ok, lovely, bit of money etc etc. (Money means we can live comfortably and pay our bills right?) 


Then Boss 2 says ‘come to work on Tuesday for a few hours’. And you reply, sorry I can’t. I’ve already got work booked in, what about Wednesday? Boss 2 would prefer Tuesday but if that’s all you can do then he takes it as that is all that’s available. 


So that’s sorted. Monday night comes, you’ve made all your plans. Kids will be looked after, can do food shopping after work, told your mum you’ll see her next week instead, work means you can pay the electric bill and other things. 


With me so far? 


You get a text from Boss 2 at 9pm saying can you do next week instead of this Wednesday as they’ve found someone else to do that Tuesday as that’s what’s they wanted. Bit annoying but you say that’s fine as you want to keep them sweet and you’ve then got some work sorted for next week. And you’ve got work tomorrow anyway so the bills can be paid. No drama. 


Only.. gone 11pm when you’ve gone to bed, Boss 1 texts and tells you he doesn’t need you tomorrow after all. No explanation or regard for you or your time. Just, "don't need you tomorrow." 


Not only did you tell Boss 2 that you weren’t available, you’ve now lost out on work from Boss 1 AND Boss 2. 




So then you’re pissed off with Boss 1. And more to the point, how dare they tell you that you aren’t required right at the last minute?! What about your bills? What about the kids being looked after that you have to pay for whether they are looked after or not? What about the food shopping you had planned? What about your mum that is actually ill and you’ve told her she has to wait til next week? What about the electric bill? Aggghhhh! 


Yeah... sounds really annoying that doesn’t it?! 


That my darlings is what happens to self employed people all the time. And guess what.. it’s not cool. 


We totally get that things crop up occasionally but as much as ‘life happens’... 


However,  the gas and electric companies, the banks, Sky, Netflix, mobile phone companies, tax man and whoever else, DO NOT CARE IF –


Sandra’s dog fell out of the window.

Steve is having marriage problems.

Laura’s benefits haven’t come through.

Mary wanted to go to Ikea instead of having her hair done.

OR that Mary’s sister Janice was drunk and fell out of the back door and broke something.


They don’t care, and really... neither do we. I’ve got to be honest as I am speaking for A LOT of self employed people here, your excuses do not pay our bills. That’s all there is to it.



So, guess what.. if you wouldn’t accept your boss or husbands boss or your bank or the government telling you that you won’t be getting your money this month then don't bloody expect us to be alright with it. 


If you’ve broken your leg that isn’t OUR fault. Unless, obviously, we broke your leg for you :/


Bare minimum you should be giving someone is 24 hours. If it’s unavoidable then ASAP. 


Because as above, if you give them reasonable notice they can go and see if someone else needs them to work and still get that money. But if you don’t do it in decent time then that person is left without work or money. And annoyed. At YOU! 


No one likes being let down so just be aware of what you’re doing. That’s all we ask. We have family's and social commitments and bills just the same as everyone else.


May I also add, YOUR opinion on how much we earn is, firstly nothing to do with you and secondly the amount of work we do compared to YOU is at least 4 times the amount. That’s part covered in my blog titled “ Mobile Hairstylists VS Salon Hairstylists – A few facts for you.”


We don’t have the luxury of swanning into work, doing bare minimum, getting holiday pay and sick pay. And whatever else. I'll write another blog on that I reckon. Now is not the time haha. 


Regardless of how much we do or don’t earn still depends on people keeping their booked appointments. If I have a £500 an hour fee, how the hell would you know if you’re client no 1 or client no 45? You don’t know. So don’t comment.


And may I just point out, this is ANYONE in the service industry. But mainly self employed people as that’s me, and this is my blog 😊


Mobile hairdressers (moi), any hairdresser, beauticians, photographers, mechanics, coaches, therapists, cleaners, dog sitters/walkers.


So the moral of the story is. Don’t be Boss 1. IF you need to cancel please do so within at least 24 hours or expect a cancellation fee. 


For those self employed people reading this and agreeing with me, PM me if you need help setting up your cancellation policy.


Thanks for reading. 


Stephanie xxx



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