What have you been up to?

January 28, 2018



I love that question, more often than not, it involves taking a very deep breath! I think most of my regular lot know full well there's usually a list of about 25 things, complete with an exciting story haha. 


So, hellooo my lovelies! I hope everyone is well? Enjoying the shitty weather? Hmm. yeah.. me too :) 


I’ve been MIA since before Christmas as I’ve been so bloody busy. Usual story, though I did have one week in November where I was starting to wonder if everyone had died, but that soon picked up again before the usual Christmas rush. Thank god! There's only so much sitting about I can handle. 


After a busy few weeks I had a much needed break, half of which was spent at my parents so that was a winner. Free food and laying about most of the day, what’s not to love!


On 5th January I had my 5 year business birthday which was exciting. Huge milestone so feeling very pleased with myself!


Big changes are going on this year, you know, I've even not had a McDonald's for 28 days.. and yeah that seems kinda minor if you don't know me, but for those that do... It's a fucking miracle! Haha. Though unfortunately,  I'm no lighter for it but the rent shall be paid on time, so pros and cons!  


Which then comes on to my new venture. Most of you that I see regularly, know that I have been working on it non-stop since 1st Jan. My new business is an online course and coaching for other mobile hairdressers and beauticians. Seeing as I seem to know what I am doing, there’s so many out there who have no idea, so seeing as I’ve had itchy feet and the desire to do something new for a while now, this seemed like a bloody good idea. So I'm usually sat at my desk as soon as I get home to get on with the weekly tasks. 


And THEN... just cos I honestly think I love to moan about being busy, I have partnered up with two other local girls and we are setting up a Mothers Day competition this year. Which we are all very excited about.


So far we are offering, a full face of make up and hair styling with a photo shoot for a Mum and Daughter. Plenty more but it's top secret so I cant say much more at the mo. 


It’s adults only so, if you’re over 18 or your daughter is then please get involved. So stay tuned, and keep your eyes peeled on Facebook and Instagram and you should see it pop up somewhere. It’ll be advertised on my page too so any of my clients wont miss it.


So that is basically it for now, last count I have 27 clients next week, most of them colours so I fully expect to be a frazzled mess come Saturday afternoon after the last one. Feel free to send bottles of wine!


Catch up soon.


Stephanie xxx


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