Setting up the Mothers Day Competition.

March 3, 2018

Hellloooo, it's 3AM ish and I just wanted to do a nice little intro story about the Mother's Day Competition I set up this year. 


But firstly I need to do the obligatory moan about the weather. I wanted to get snowed in. I actually told most of you repeatedly that I wanted to be stuck indoors. But now that I am, I've changed my mind. It's shit, AND my local Indian wont bring me any food so I honestly don't see the point of getting snowed in.


So I cant wait to get back out to work next week and get everyone done 'cos for the first time ever I cancelled all my work cos I'm sure it's getting older and wiser, but I don't fancy smashing up my car or breaking bones just to do a couple of blow dries. No thanks love, I'll stay put and moan about that instead, if it's all the same to you. Haha.


Back to the original topic, when I say 'I', I actually mean we. There's 3 of us fabulous ladies. We've called ourselves 'The Styling Collective' We've even got a logo, we're that profesh! haha. There's Rhiannon, one of my ladies, she's got the pink and sometimes purple hair, if you follow my social media, you'll recognise her hair. She is a photographer amongst other things. Then there is Helena (Pronounced - Heleeena, got to remember, what with my obsession with my own name :) ) and she, is an amazing Make Up Artist who I met last year while doing a wedding, and she does REALLY lovely eyelash extensions too by the way. 


While blow drying Rhiannon's hair, she was flicking through a magazine and 'cos I'm nosey I had a little look and I saw an article on marketing or something, so I said "we should do something next year". And that was that... Nah just kidding.. I'll bore you with the rest :) 


Like most people, I have amazing ideas that never actually happen because I'm too busy or the initial enthusiasm has long gone. But we were good and we sat down at Rhiannon's first appointment of the year and got a plan going in between her colour processing. It's amazing what you can do in half an hour. 


Then Helena joined the team and off we went. Calling and emailing round to various places and people to get some goodies for a lucky Mum and daughter. It's sodding hard work creating a competition by the way but luckily all three of us worked together really well. 


As well as our own services we're offering. hair, make up and a photo shoot, between us we managed to rustle up - a lovely looking place in Mayfield to do all the styling and photos etc, a bunch of flowers, some posh skincare stuff and a make up bag made by another client of mine. I'll put all the links below if you wanna look. I think that's it at the mo, it's now nearly 4am so don't blame me if my brain isn't working right. 


We have a few more days to organise the last few bits and then we will all be off to the venue on Friday 9th to pamper the two of them. I'm excited for them! I shall do another update on that in a week or so, once the pics have come back etc. 


Big thank you to everyone that entered, if this goes well there may be more. 


Here's a few links for you to have a look at.


Photography & stuff - Rhiannon D'Averc -​


Make Up Artist in Tunbridge Wells - Helena Sergeant -


Handmade pretty things - Carianne Hamilton -


I will add the other links to people once the comp is done. Plus.. I cant be arsed to keep plugging everyone else's business for nothing in return. Just sayin' :) 



Done. Stay safe and warm ladies. I'll be back soon. 


Stephanie xxx


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