The Day of the Mothers Day Competition

March 11, 2018

Hi all, Happy Mothers Day to all the lovely Mummies out there! 


I wanted to share the experience of the day with everyone as best I can here 'cos there's so much exciting stuff to tell. 


I literally had the best day on Friday, who knows about the others haha! 


The day began with us arriving at the venue with a tour round with Ian, the owner.  Also, I've just remembered I never got to go and have a proper look at the old gypsy wagon that was there, bad times! :( 


So we had a quick look round at most of the rooms/units (not sure what to call them),  there are tree houses, huts, barns as well as the 'proper' house as I will call it, as Ian actually lived in there with his family. We chose to set up camp in the house for hair, make up, photos and just a general chill out area.  


God! When we got into the house, it's like being a massive kid.. there is so much to look at. Tonnes of quirky items literally everywhere you look. To say I was excited is an understatement haha. The house is amazing , I think we counted 13 beds in there. There's even this little attic room with an extra room on from the main attic room. Like I said, there is so much to look at! As well as a few bathrooms with bedrooms in there and an amazing view out in to the countryside. Very relaxing I can imagine, if you're staying there for a few days.


The kitchen was lovely and warm thanks to the AGA, which made it feel really homely. Which is the idea, it's a home from home. After we had stopped running round looking at everything we possibly could, our prize winners were ready and waiting for us with a cuppa. 


But it was time to calm down, and actually get on with what we were here to do! Which of course, was to pamper Zoe and Jenny. Hair, make up, photos and some extra goodies all in this award winning venue. Happy Days! 


I wasn't ready to actually do any work, you'd think I hadn't left my house for 6 months the way I was carrying on! Haha, but I did calm down and get myself organised and ready to start. 


First I had Zoe, the daughter who entered the comp for herself and her Mum Jenny. Zoe has a short cropped haircut, which I'm pretty jealous of.. If I could get away with it I would! I applied some Tigi Root Boost spray & blow dried her hair. Followed by a quick smoothing with the straighteners so it did was we wanted it to do. Then we added a smidge of Bed Head paste to mess it all up again :) 


The peacocks were wandering around earlier in the morning, but disappeared when it started spitting, I really wanted one to fan their feathers but none of them did. Not sure how you make them do that actually... 


Jenny was still in the chair with Helena when Zoe and I had finished so we had a wander round the house again to be nosy. Rhiannon came back from taking pics outside, and we found another area to explore! It never ends :) Rhiannon and I went upstairs to look round and take some pics and then we found the little attic room which is cute. But I was made me go down first, which had to be done backwards of course, because the little stairs looked very steep on the way down! 


Helena was still working on Jenny (I think) , but there was a small gap for me to explore more and I'm pretty sure that was when I decided Rhiannon should come with me to check out the kids play area. Which can be seen from the house. Though it was pretty wet and soggy from the rain, but we trundled over to the little playhouse. It's so cute, there's a little upstairs in there and a child's old fashioned pushchair. We squeezed in there for a minute to admire it then went back out, which is when I spotted the zipe wire! Hmm... Oh yes! .. It had to happen. I haven't been on one of those for years! Clearly too big for it, but I lugged it from one end to the other so I could get on it. 


This was recorded, which was a bonus cos it's pretty amusing!  Click here to watch the vid -   Zip Wire Vid 



After struggling to get up, almost off the floor, we thought we had better go back so I could do Jenny's hair. I arrived at the back door with a muddy bum and boots, to Helena laughing saying how she was working away and just out the corner of her eye, this thing whizzing past.. which of course was me on the wire haha. 


I then stopped messing around and got Jenny in my chair to glam her up. Her make up had been done and looked beautiful so I needed to make her hair look as good. We decided on a quick blow dry to smooth it out, and straighten to sit nicely around her face. We also added a bit of hair perfume at the end, which I LOVE! I'll stick a link at the end, it just finishes it off nicely and smells delish! 



After the hair and makeup we set up Jenny's pile of goodies. As a part of the comp, we included, flowers, prosecco, cakes, a make up bag and some luxury skin care items. 


Then Zoe & Jenny went off with Rhiannon to take some pictures. They all returned and we tried to get a group pic, but I'm still not sure how well they turned out :) 


This is the only image I have at the momnent which of course we were being silly in :) The more 'serious' ones will be coming soon. 


We had the pile of goodies out for the ladies, and I remember Zoe claiming the bath salts. Haha, cant argue if you don't have a bath to put them in!


Big thank you to Ian for letting us use his stunning venue to do all this in. Carianne Hamilton for her hand made, make up bag and Rachel Montague -Ebbs for her Arbonne products. We had a minor issue with the flowers but no biggie. There had to be 1 thing go wrong, right? Haha. 


Congratulations again to Zoe and Jenny, we  hope you had as much fun as we did. 



And the links as promised. Just click on the name to be taken there. 


Fair Oak Farm

Hair perfume

Make Up


CH Designs Boutique 

Rachel Montague -Ebbs

Stephanique Styling


If you're interested in booking this type of package then let me know and we can arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements. 


Stephanie xxx















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