Jessie's Colour Correction

March 18, 2018



This was one of my colour correction jobs I did a while back and I bloody loved it! What a difference a few hours and a professional can make :) 


Jessie had done her own hair at home a few years prior to seeing me so we had a lot of work to do to get her hair to a beautiful colour. Although she was a bit wary about going blonde, even though she had decided on it, a few people said it wouldn't suit her as she is naturally dark but, I think she pulls it off incredibly well. (see pic at the end)


Jessie came to me after being recommended by one of her friends who is another client of mine and she wanted to be blonde. That was her only request, and to keep her hair long too. But a nice blonde, not an orangery- yellow colour like on the ends. 


So we did the usual consultation, had a good chat to find out what was done to it so long ago, what products were used, what we were aiming for, what we didn't want etc and I picked out some colours for her. 


We opted for the toned down version as we didn't want it icy white, nor did we want it too warm. 


The day of the appointment came, and I pitched up with about 8 tubes of colour, bleach, peroxides, and god knows what else. I like to be prepared! Especially on hair this long. I was caught out once and never again! 


We started by lightening (bleaching) the natural colour at the top as I need to match her roots up to the ends. We did a couple of bleach applications, washing and blow drying in between so I could properly see the colour and which areas needed what. 


After that we washed and blow dried again to then apply the toner! I think a good 3 hours had passed by this point. 


Toner on, slowly becoming a gorgeous creamy colour and losing the warmth we started with.


Unfortunately I don't seem to have the photos in between colours as I always take before, during and after shots but only have that image at the top I used for Facebook and Instagram. 


All the while we're colouring we're having the most random conversations about all sorts, from old boyfriends to Jack the Ripper and a few ghost stories which I LOVE! Luckily I have a nice collection of clients now who love telling me about ghost stories! I'm obsessed haha. 


Toner has toned.. rather bloody well may I add. There is often that thought of 'I hope this works' then the one in the back of your mind once you've blow dried it thinking 'thank god for that' even though you're totally confident in the first place. 


Final shampoo and condition followed by the cut and a proper blow dry to give it a nice soft wave. I think I remember Jessie was off out that night, so perfect timing to show off her new 'do. We finsihed it with the tongs to create the waves. I literally cant get enough of it, even now! We're soon due for a top up so I will take some more pics when I do that.


So that was that. A very well spent 5 hours on a colour correction job. 


For anyone interested in what colour correction is all about then I will link to the blog for that soon. ( I haven't finished writing it yet.)

If you would like a colour with me, be it a big job like this or just to get rid of those grey roots, you know where I am.


Stephanie xxx






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