Need a new Hairdresser? Read this :)

March 18, 2018

My guide to choosing your next stylist or colourist.


Whether you have actively googled it, you’ve stumbled across them online or your friend has recommended them. I advise you use this list to ensure you’re getting the right person for you.

We as stylists we understand how important our relationship is. It’s very rarely just about your hair, you must be able to have fun with them and at least feel way better than when you started. So choose wisely and make sure you’re a match for each other.


Ask friends for recommendations. This is always a huge thing, if you like your mates hair then find out who does it. But do be wary, if you and your friend have very different styles then make sure the stylist can do both.


Do some research. As with the above statement, make sure said stylist has images of their work with hair similar to yours. I do very few short cropped hairstyles or crazy colours, so you wont find many of those on my site. While I can do them, my talents lie with longer hairstyles with more natural looking colours rather than wild ones.


Find their website. Any decent hairdresser these days should have gone to the effort of having a website up and running to show everything to potential clients. You can often find out almost everything you need to know about them before even contacting them! Also, being mobile, find out their working areas before you get your heart set on them. Being mobile doesn’t mean we want to drive an hour and a half round trip to do a simple cut.


Use social media to do some more digging. Certainly with my own Facebook and Instagram pages, you will find way more images of my work there than you will on my site.


Read their reviews. These can be found all over the place now. Websites, Facebook, Google, yellow pages and even screen shots have been seen on their Instagram pages.


Do they offer online booking? Again, most places do now. If you aren’t a fan of making phone calls then this is the way forward. I personally prefer to speak to my clients if I have never met them as it makes things much more comfortable for the both of us if we have had a chat. But, the online booking is there if you want it.


Look at their price list. Is it set out nicely and easy to read or is it a bit vague or even non existent? I personally like to see what I might be expected to pay before I commit, I think we all do! But as stylists we cannot give you a quote over the phone, so be aware there might be an extra charge if your hair is much thicker or longer than you mentioned upon booking.


Test the waters. If you’ve found someone you quite like the look of, but still aren’t quite ready to fully commit to a cut or colour then why don’t you book a conditioning treatment or a blow dry. That is something we can all benefit from and that way you get to know your stylist & can decide if you want to stick with him/her.


Shop local. Start using these smaller businesses as you will often get a much better service than you’ll get from a big chain. Not to say they are all the same, but in my experience and obviously being a small business myself I appreciate my clients much more than the girls in chain salons.


Are they nice on the phone? I recently phoned a new salon as I had been eyeing it up for a while and the man on the phone was SO lovely and polite and that really makes a difference for me. If someone sounds like they are doing YOU a favour then avoid. I personally prefer to return any phone calls that have been made later on when I am home and can give my clients my full attention. If they cant get the small stuff right who knows what will happen in the chair?


Find out what they offer. I am a fan of going to one person or place for a job or two, however, I have never been keen on the ‘Jack of all trades’. No one is amazing at everything and if your hairdresser also offers – make up, waxing, nails and spray tans etc etc. I would find someone that doesn’t offer ‘everything’ and she focusing on one area and it does a bloody good job at that.



I hope this helps you when you come to find someone new. We know its daunting but hopefully this will make your life a bit easier. 


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