Natascha's Wedding Day & More

July 13, 2018



I was already super excited to do Natascha’s wedding day hair because I’d done her sister’s hair last year and we had a giggle at the trial. This year seems to be big on requests for big hair up! I now seem to be doing a lot of these styles. Bloody Elstile! She/they are an amazing hair up team and have a signature look, which people keep bringing me their pictures as inspiration.


A pattern seems to be emerging, Natascha had come to me as her first trial with someone else wasn’t quite how she had envisaged it in her head. So I made sure to come prepared and sort her out to give her exactly what she was hoping for in the first place. As per my bridal form notes said “all up, soft, curls” were her requests along with a couple of images she liked. Game on! This excites me! Haha.


We did the trial, spent roughly the usual 2 hours (ish) playing around and getting it right. There were (happy) tears and a very happy bride. Thank god! While I don’t find brides stressful, there will always be that “is that what she meant?” thought that runs through your mind when it’s time to check the mirror.

We took lots of pics from lots of angles, so they are there to look back at and check in case of any changes that needed to be made later on. I am 99% sure she left her hair in for the day, which I always advise brides to do where possible just so you can really try it out for the day. Be sure to tell your fiancée to bugger off for a while if they aren’t allowed to see it.


That was all pre wedding day build up, I also like to ping out a message a week or so beforehand to check in with my brides to make sure all is still well, any changes to venue or bridesmaids or literally whatever. All go her end. So I got myself ready the night before, got her goody bag ready – I do LOVE a goody bag, my long standing clients know this well haha, I like to treat my brides to a little goody bag with a few essentials in and then check I have all my hair pins, donuts, heat tools etc etc ready and where they should be. By now it would be too late to go pin shopping but luckily I am incredibly organised so you’re safe with me 😊


We had a nice start time of 8am which gave us plenty of time to relax and enjoy the getting ready part. The wedding was at  at 12 so timings were perfect!


I arrived with all my gear to be greeted by two excited girlies, Natascha & Zoe, both dressed in their wedding pj’s, ( will see if I can add a pic of those! ) I want some, but that would be weird.. seeing as I have no weddings to go to haha!

Mum and Dad were around too, just chilling, doing the last few bits they needed to. All very relaxed which is the usual story when I first arrive, later on is when goes a bit more wild.


I set all my bits up and started Zoe’s hair. We opted for a similar style to the one we did last year at her friends wedding. Up, out of the way, soft curls with a really pretty sparkly comb.




Then it’s Natascha’s turn! We’re so relaxed and organised we just crack on. I have the pics from the trial so I know what I’m doing, so we just have completely random chats about all sorts. Anything to keep her mind busy and not stressing about what she is going to be doing in a few hours time!


All brides seem to be relaxed until about an hour or two beforehand and then the panic kicks in.. “I AM GETTING MARRIED” OMG! Haha. Always makes me chuckle. Then they get anxious and sweaty and over excited/scared. And that’s not even exclusive to the brides, I have seen a drunk sweaty maid of honour too haha. Bridesmaids.. that’s another post in itself!


Once I’ve ‘as good as’ done Natascha I let do whatever she wants or wander around again. How I work usually, is to do everyone as best as possible and then bring them back to my chair for a top up. It’s amazing what can happen while getting your wedding outfit on!

Then Emma arrives to work her magic. I’ve worked with Emma at a few weddings and she’s bloody brill!

While Natascha is having her make up done, I did some more with Zoe, took some pics, then had a croissant with choc spread – why have I never had this before?! Thank you Sharon! Along with a glass of fizz! I love my wedding parties so much more when they are so bloody friendly and hospitable! Not that I expect a wedding breakfast but it’s always lovely to be asked.


 Pic of Mum & Dad :) 


 Natascha's hair before the veil and comb went in. 


Girls are all upstairs getting dressed, or I think -  getting Natascha in her dress while Emma and I are packing away and having a chat. Derek comes over and asks Emma and I want to read his speech. Oh my god! It was so so lovely! I said to him “I don’t know how you’re going to get that out, I wanted to cry and I only had to read it!” I’m sure that really helped his nerves! Haha sorry Derek!


Then more time passes, everyone is doing something. The flowers arrived a while ago, car turns up.. it’s all go! Then I get summoned upstairs to fix some bits, so up I trundle clutching my beloved pintail comb and a handful of pins. You can literally feel the atmosphere change.. Mum’s trying to find something, one maid sorting herself out, the other maid trying to send her daughters bag down to one of the cars, Barry is telling Natascha how to pose, I’m being a nosey mere and taking my own pics while waiting for people to be accessible to sort their hair out. It amazes me still, how big a wedding dress can be, I never want to be responsible for a footprint on a white dress! Then I bugger off downstairs again to get out of the way!


Then.. aaahhh.. It’s happening.. she’s coming down the stairs. Daddy Derek hasn’t seen the dress yet and the emotions are HIGH! I’m in place in the corner hoping to capture the moment on vid, which was a massive fail, I’ll stick to what I know in future. Then in she comes after her Mum, bridesmaids and flower girl looking so beautiful! I was feeling emosh so I can imagine how everyone else was feeling, and I ain’t even going to the wedding! Haha.






After all the excitement and tears of joy, there’s a few final tweaks here and there. Along with a cheeky little shot of Raspberry Vodka, instigated by Derek -  Emma, Barry (I think) and I had a little sip just to try it , while Natascha and her Dad had a proper shot. Which, may I please have the recipe for?


Then that was kind of it for me. Everyone left, and I went about my day and on to another client in the afternoon.


So that my darlings, is how my best wedding parties go down! So if you’re getting married or know someone who is, then send them my way! I love a wedding party.


Huge congratulations to Natascha and Max, I hope you both had an amazing day and I cant wait to see the professional photos from the day.


Thanks for reading.


Stephanie xxx




Who’s who in this post?


Natascha – Beautiful Bride   -   Zoe – Sister & Maid of Honour   -   Sharon – Mother of Bride   -   Derek – Father of Bride   


Emma Sands – Make Up Artist -


Barry Page – Photos -


Stephanie (Me) – Hair Stylist –


Elstile -














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