A few things about me ♥

August 4, 2018



Who am I?

For those of you who know me most of this won’t come as a surprise but have a read anyway as you may learn something new.

If you've never met me or heard about me. Hello and welcome!

I love a list! So I’m going to do you a short list of about me info that you may find useful or insightful. 

♥ My name is Stephanie which I prefer to be called - not Steph or Stephanique.

♥ The business name is Stephanique Styling or on Facebook Stephanique Hair Styling.

♥ I am a mobile Hair Stylist working in & around Tonbridge & Tunbridge Wells.

♥ I live in Horsmonden though try not to work there otherwise I think it’s hometime.

♥ I’ve been hairdressing 9 years and 5.8 of those have been mobile. I worked in 3 salons, that was enough! A hair and beauty salon in Pembury where I did all of my training, a hair salon in Tunbridge Wells, then a salon in Tonbridge. 

♥ I have done all aspects of hairdressing over the years but now I LOVE bridal hair and colouring and it’s all I wanna do. ALL. THE. TIME 

♥ I think both of us should have fun while you have your hair done. It doesn’t have to be a laugh a minute but I do expect us both to feel better afterwards. Otherwise, what’s the point? Life is too short.

♥ If you want to check me out then feel free to look at my testimonials and pictures. I’m very proud of my collection I have going.

♥ I do swear. So if you find it offensive then we’re probably not a great match. Very little offends me but I appreciate other people are different.

♥ I’m not overly dog or child friendly. And not because of the swearing haha I just prefer not to be around either. I have to be in the mood for them. Some - and I mean ‘some’ I love! But half hour is plenty.

♥ I’m super honest and blunt. Clients have said as much. And more!

♥ I am now an award winner! Woohooo.  It was for Most Client Focused Mobile Hair Stylist in Kent 2018. Thank you very much! It was the first one I entered so lets hope I am as lucky in the next ones I enter. 

♥ I REALLY wanna be ginger but I also really wanna be bald. I just can’t bloody decide. So I’m currently doing nothing - because I am also very lazy with my own hair.

♥ I love working with my clients one on one, creating a new look. Having a chat, getting to know each other, putting the world to rights!

♥ I am setting up (still!) my second biz to help teach others how to set up and run their own successful mobile hair & beauty businesses which is going really well I just need to spend more time on it.

So. That’s me. In an oversized nutshell.

Anything you didn't already know?

See you soon! 


Stephanie x

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