What is a Keratin Blow Dry?

October 15, 2018

Keratin Blow Dry – What it is and who it’s for.


Told you I would tell you all about it once I’d had it done and this is my first chance I’ve had to get typing! This is also my results from two different brands.

I have had two keratin blow dries now. Last time I had GK – The Best (it’s actual name) and this time we used Kerastraight.


A keratin blow dry is a smoothing treatment that adds keratin to your hair to make it sleeker, smoother, easier to manage etc. Full list of benefits at the end. We already have keratin in our hair as it's a natural protein, but some of us need a bit of a boost.


This treatment does not damage your hair as it does not change the structure of the hair, it just fills in any holes in your cuticles which have been created by heat damage, colouring etc. So it is actually very beneficial if you want strong shiny, healthy looking hair. 


What happened? 


So it was a big process (again) ... around 2.5 hours long from start to finish. Wash, spray some stuff on, apply product (like a colour avoiding roots) wait half hour ish, wash, do conditioning treatment, wash again, blow dry, straighten. Boom.. done.


The first time my hair felt heavy.. and even after I washed it, it was super straight – though please note.. that is not something they 100% guarantee. But this time, while it is definitely smoother, there is still a natural wave in there.

Also this time, which I think is what I really needed, those fluffy little short broken hairs round the front, it has massively calmed those down so that is a huge plus point if you also have those.


A keratin blow dry is NOT going to make your hair look like it’s just been straightened, you actually need to straighten it for that look. But this treatment makes that blow-drying task a whole lot quicker and easier.

I can get away with blow drying with a brush then off I go, whereas before it would still be pretty wild and would need straighteners to smooth it down.


But here’s the good bit –


Who is it for?


Anyone with dry or damaged hair

If your hair is wavy, curly or frizzy

It takes way too much effort to blow dry and make look respectable.. so you rarely bother.

Both products are formaldehyde free!


What else do you need to know?


You MUST use correct aftercare products, using cheap products will strip it right out and it wont last anywhere near as long as it should.

It may strip colour. It has done both times on mine but I am darker so may not on blonde, but for that reason it’s best to do the Keratin treatment two weeks before your colour top up. Then you know you’re covered.


Yes you can tie your hair up the same day.


No you don’t need to see me again in 2 days, it is all done in a few hours.


It lasts up to 3-5 months. I’d recommend having one every 3-4 months to keep on top of it.


It doesn’t grow out, it will slowly fade away from your hair so you wont get patchy areas, it will either be on your hair or not.  

Oh and the GK products are Gluten Free.. couldn’t find the other one.


I hope that answers some of your questions, if not you know where I am.


I will only be offering the GK treatment for now, as that is what I already have, so If you want to keep your curls then please wait until January 2019 and I will offer the second product as well.

Let me know if you would like to book one.


PS.. I know that looks like two different heads. It didn't strip the colour that much, we were just in pure daylight for the after pic and it had been done so it was bound to look brighter than it was. 


Also.. I have never done a Brazilian Blow Dry but apparently there is a difference. But this works so I'm not worried about anything else for now. Possibly the same difference? 


I'm going now! haha. Byee 


Stephanie xxx




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