Should I use a conditioning treatment?

November 8, 2018

What is it first of all?


A conditioning treatment/deep conditioner/ conditioning mask is not your everyday conditioner. It wouldn’t be used every time you shampoo and it is much thicker and heavier than your normal stuff. Quite often it’s in a tub rather than a bottle too.


The idea is that rather than coat the outside of your hair like the normal conditioner does, the deep penetrating one will get inside the hair shaft to help restore some of the lost moisture.


Who needs one?

Anyone that does the following, and more so if you use heat tools more than 3 times per week.

  • Colouring

  • Bleaching

  • Perming

  • Leaving hair in the sun uncovered

  • Using swimming pools (chlorine)

  • Using a hairdryer on the hottest setting

  • Using tongs and straighteners too often

  • Etc

All of the above can dry your hair out when you do too much of anything. Most caucasian peoples hair isn’t naturally dry, so if yours is feeling a bit ropey, then consider what you may be able to stop doing to reduce the dryness.

Unfortunately various medication is awful for your hair, but you won’t be able to stop taking that.

But you can still apply the conditioner to see if it helps, there’s nothing wrong with some extra pampering.



How do I apply it?


Here I am talking about an intensive mask, which goes on after the shampoo but there are other versions. You must ensure that you read the instructions on the product that you have. 


Shampoo your hair as usual, give it a bloody good squeeze, towel dry if you’re not in the bath or shower and apply plenty of product to the full length of your hair. If you’re prone to a greasy scalp then avoid the top, but be sure to cover the mid lengths and ends.

Leave on 5-30 mins and then rinse out. Thoroughly. It is a thicker product to you will need to do more rinsing than usual. You’ll know about it if you’ve not washed it out properly.

If I am going all out with a treatment, I will shampoo my hair over the bath, apply the conditioner, stick a plastic cap on (you can use cling film or a carrier bag if you want) and I will stick the hairdryer on it for 5 mins to warm it up. Then I will get on with something for half an hour or so to give it time to really work. The heat opens up your cuticles and ensures the product gets where it needs to.


Which ones should I be buying?


I am always going to recommend professional products. Not only do they have better ingredients, they are also better value for money as you don’t need as much, and they actually do their job.  

This is the one that I use on mine at the moment, along with the rest of the range! I like to go all out 😊


Matrix Biolage Hydrasource Mask £11.40 150ml 



This is another Matrix one that I have got for clients and they have had great results.


Matrix Biolage R.A.W Re-Hydrate Mask £23.40 for 400ml



Some others that my group of stylists have recommended are -



Redken PH Bonder – £15.50 for 150 ml 


Philip Kingsley Elasticizer £18.50 75ml (This one is a pre shampoo treatment, so be sure to check instructions) 



Where should I buy some from?


Me. Or you can shop in Salon Services in Tunbridge Wells, I shop a lot and its open to the public as well as trade. 


If you find it for an incredbily low price, ask yourself why that might be. Sometimes it is years old, some times it has been imported in from other countries, therefore it's not 'as per UK guidelines' sometimes they are just counterfeit. So be sure to check where you're buying them from. And no Amazon is not always legit. Anyone can sell on there.

If your hair still feels a bit dry then you might want to think about having an Olaplex treatment instead. Which is a rebonder not a condtioning treatment. It's bloody amazing stuff. Click here to read more about that. 


Also.. be sure that you are having your hair cut regularly. Sometimes you need to get those ends off because sometimes they are way beyond being fixed.


Hope this answers any questions you may have.


Let me know in the comments.


Stephanie x






Image by Element5 Digital @Unsplash

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